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What is NewDevsOnTheBlock?

NewDevsOnTheBlock has one mission. To connect you with web3 developers in order to make you more successful. Also, it’s a central place in a decentralized world, where you can easily access resources like knowledge, hackathons, tool-kits, and more.

Story behind NewDevsOnTheBlock

Section titled Story behind NewDevsOnTheBlock

Johannes was a curious developer who wanted to get into web3, but he didn’t know how to start. His work was very time-consuming and all the new web3 concepts and terms were overwhelming. He almost wanted to give up, but then he got a message from someone he did not know on LinkedIn. This person was also a developer named Collins. He reached out to him said: I saw that you are also interested in web3, maybe we can team up and help each other? They started to learn together and after a while, they were able to take part in the Chainlink Hackathon. Even though they did not win, they learned a lot and became friends.

This dear reader is something I wish for you too. This is why I have created NewDevsOnTheBlock. So that you can find people who have the same goals, to support you and to achieve goals together.

  • Create a profile remeber that our mission to connect you with web3 developers. But we can only do this if you have a profile. So create one now here. After reviewing your profile, you will be listed on our Community-App.

Start learning (more) about Web3. Along the way please consider to:

  • Share knowledge. Are you a expert in a certain field? Share your knowledge. Do this by opening a pull request on our GitHub
  • Translate. We are looking for multilanguage talents, who can translate web3 knowledge to other languages. This will help people who are not native english speakers to learn web3.
  • Submit hackathons and events. Do you know a hackathon or event? Submit it here.
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